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"Don’t let one guy ruin your life and stop it from makeing you happy -Cecii"
Someday, maybe I’ll stop letting fear run my life.

Fear can only ruin your life if you will allow for it to. In our lives we can try to bypass our fears by staying away from them as much as possible, but to truly conquer each fear we must step up to it, and take it on. We can only defeat something if we are willing to compete against it, and with a strong heart, a determined attitude, and an unbreakable will, there is nothing in this world we can’t defeat if we give it our all….

Its a Teenager Thing❣

Im a teenager,I have a messy room I spend most of my time on the computer
Ipod / Iphone whateve’s I barley pay attention to my family.They give me headaches yeah yeah ; I go to bed late Talk to my friends on the phone and most of all im a very crazy person its a teenage life.. It will end and I will relize I need to Take my responsiblities..
- Cecii